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  Black Mountain Rock

Let this rock inspire you as it has me Erik Peterson

Peterson Landscaping provides wall stones, slabs, steps, obelisks, boulders and unique pieces.
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Wall Stone
This unique New England rock, unmatched in its beauty with soothing colors that range from white to gray to brown with a touch of pink is definitely worth taking a look at for your hardscape projects.

"A waller may feel overwhelmed by the sight of many stones to chose
from, but it is far better to have too many choices than not enough”
- In The Company of Stone, Dan Snow

The only limit to the sizes of rock slabs we can provide is the weight of the stone. one slab that was as level as a kitchen table, measured 20ft x 6ft, and was 7 inches thick.

Rock suitable for steps is shipped by the trailer load to stone yards. The quality of this rock is unmatched, anywhere. Beautifully formed, and flat, perfect for steps.


The smaller obelisk shaped rocks are beautiful in form and shape, natures art work. I always liked the smaller ones until I was looking at one particular stone that was 15ft long by 4ft across. It was not very flat and I didn't know what to do with it - so I stood it up. Now, over time, our obelisks are proving to be more and more popular. Symbols of strength and stability, obelisks can provide a beautiful garden accent.

Unique Pieces: Hurricane Island Granite, unearthed from Waldoboro, Maine.

Let these rocks inspire your creativity and enhance your landscape!

In the Spring of 2009 I was called to look at some granite in a farmers woods in Waldoboro, Maine, what I saw was jaw-dropping. And after hearing the story of how the granite came to be in these woods I bought every piece.

This granite was mined from a mountain 200 yards away at the turn of the 20th Centrury. It was brought down by teams of oxens and chisled by hand, and then loaded onto railroad cars and shipped to either Boston, New York, Baltimore, Washington, or Chicago to be used in the construction of federal buildings.

This tiny quarry in Waldoboro, Maine was owned and operated by the Hurricane Island Granite Company. Some of the buildings that the Hurricane Island Granite Company shipped their stones to include the Metropolitan Bank Building in New York, and the New York Custom House and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.

Click here
to view some of these unique and beautiful pieces.

The power and beauty found in rocks helps reconnect us to nature and history by
its mere presence. Rocks inspire us and heal us. Throughout time, rocks have
symbolized strength and beauty in many forms and fashions.


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