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Erik Peterson

My story. I grew up in Boxford, Massachusetts. My love for nature and gardening is inherent to me. My mother was an avid gardener, always working outdoors creating gardens and planting flowers. She and I would work together creating new flower gardens, and pathways etc. As early as I can remember I always had a shovel in my hand. By the time I was fourteen I was working with a local landscaper, Jerry Olga, as a laborer. I learned a lot from him. Thank you Jerry!

I earned a bachelorís degree in business from the University of Lowell, and began building my business with my small client base. Again, I owe a lot of thanks to the people I worked for who valued me and my work, some of whom I still work for, thank you! After college, I was fortunate to discover my place in this world, doing what I loved — landscaping. I loved working outdoors, being my own boss, working with natural elements and the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. I was making a difference, I made people happy. I was meant to do this.

Over the years I have followed the path of hard work, honesty, and a love for what I do, and I have grown my business to a comfortable size that supports my family yet allows me to be a part of every job. I continue to learn and grow every day in this business. I have furthered my education in this field over the years. I completed a landscape design course so I could provide my clients with professional drawing plans for their landscaping projects. I have apprenticed with top stone masons learning the trade on a deeper level and I not only worked for them but have hired them for my jobs to teach and train me further. Again, I am forever grateful for the time and teachings of those whose work I have admired.

My fascination with rocks and stone has continued to grow over the years. I currently have evolved into using stone as art and throughout our landscape designs. Itís a natural fit and Iím blown away at the endless possibilities that the stone provides.

And the biggest part of my life is: I am the happy husband to my wife Leslie, who works with me as my sounding board and office guru. Without my wife's support, hard work and enthusiasum for what I do, Peterson Landscaping would not be what it is today. I am forever grateful to my wife, Leslie for making me and my business what it is today. I am also the proud father of two incredibly beautiful children, Madelyn and Zachary, and yes, they rock!!

Life is great!



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