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Peterson Landscaping is a full service residential and commercial landscaping outfit with over 25 years of experience. We are equipped to handle all your landscaping needs from lawn and garden maintenance, seasonal clean ups, brush cutting, trimming and snow removal to designing and installing your outdoor living space. Along with the installation of patios, walkways and retaining walls we specialize in the creative uses of stone. Please click on Black Mountain stone to learn more.

Services We Offer

Our Philosophy

Quality matters! Listen, ask, listen again. Satisfaction! We believe in enhancing your outdoor space by letting the natural flow of progression be our guide.
Over the years we have learned that sometimes what looks good on paper or in theory sometimes doesnít work as the project starts to take shape and unfold. Nature is the perfect teacher in creativity and weíve come to listen to her advice.

We strive for absolute perfection. Perfection, as you know may never be obtained but itís certainly worth working towards. We want our customers to be happy, to be wowed! We love what we do. If youíre interested, I welcome you to click on about Erik Peterson; and you can learn more about me and how I have been ďdigging in the dirtĒ for almost all my life. Itís who I am, itís what I love to do. Iím committed to my work and Iíll personally make sure that each job is done with the same level of commitment, integrity, and professionalism as the next.

Why Hire Us

We like to keep things simple, thatís why we offer a design, build and
maintenance packages to our clients.

  • Lawn and garden design and maintenance
  • Seasonal clean ups, including brush cutting and trimming
  • Snow removal and garden winterization
  • Designing and installing your outdoor living space


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